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Innovative and Effective

As a recognized industry leader, we provide innovative and effective print solutions to some of the largest print clients in North America’s retail, restaurant and automotive industries. We also remember our own roots and remain committed to helping new and growing businesses with their printing needs. Serving such a diverse client base keeps us competitive and fresh—constantly striving for excellence through innovation.






Brant InStore's New X3 Digital Printer 1st In North America!

Multiplying Stellar Performance

The best have just become better - over 3 times better!

Brant InStore is proud to announce the commissioning of our new state of the art, industry leading fully automatic Digital X3 Press with white. This high volume production flatbed press is the first in North America.

The X3 is equipped with a host of leading edge features:

  • 25-zone vacuum table providing exact registration.
  • Printing on a broad range of rigid and flexible media
  • Materials up to 2” (50mm)
  • Consistent results and reliable performance
  • Powerful instant curing UV system
  • Fully automatic hostert loading station
  • Unparalleled world-class quality
  • Feeder allows up to four sheets simultaneously
  • Up to 160 x 320 cm (63” x 126”) sheet sizes
  • State of the art robot unloading for zero interruptions
  • Substrate cleaner maximizes print quality
  • Tier drop print heads allow for on-demand adjustments


We've invested heavily to make your future brighter

All of these features do not come cheap and are the latest industry leading digital flatbed press advancements. Just like our world class quality and customer service, our equipment and capital investments at Brant InStore are no different…..simply World Class.

Interested in Seeing the X3 in Person?

Contact us today for your personal tour of Brant InStore as well as a tour of this impressive piece of equipment, it will be sure to impress.

At Brant InStore, what is special to others, is just what we do every day…

"Our relationship with Brant InStore is a true partnership. I knew I could rely on them to help us create the best product and deliver it at the best price possible because they are as invested in the work as we are. Like a true partner, they are committed to helping us achieve our vision and would work alongside us to make it a reality. We could count on the Brant InStore team’s expert guidance to help us avoid potential pitfalls as well as make recommendations for new and innovative products that would help evolve our signage. Our sales rep was always available to help answer questions and see our jobs through from start to finish, which meant that I could relax knowing that Brant InStore will consistently deliver the best."


Delivering Expertise Across North America

No matter what your project is, our promise is to have it there on time. Our centralized location allows us to provide prompt service to your location, no matter where it is in North America.

Connecting the Latest Print & Display Technologies, and the People Behind Them

If you want your business to stay current, get in an-depth view of how Brant InStore is surpassing all other competitors, a huge benefit to you to begin with, you'll also be able to take advantage of many other opportunities such as:

  • Experience our latest printing technologies
  • Strengthen your existing relationships
  • Control your message

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