Ulta Beauty: An Attractive Case Study

The Alluring Challenge Launched in 1990 by Richard E. George, Ulta Beauty was destined to become a staple in the fabric of American beauty supply stores. Opened originally with the idea of offering both high-end and affordable beauty products under one roof, Ulta Beauty is now a refined haven for people who love cosmetics, skincare,     Read more →

GlobalShop 2018 Retail Tradeshow is Here!

Brant InStore and the GlobalShop Experience GlobalShop has been the country’s largest and most prominent retail design trade show for over 25 years. This annual event is the best place to see industry leading store design, innovative retail technology, and visual merchandising showcases. The extremely influential trade show is a crucial part of helping retail     Read more →

Brant InStore and Ulta Beauty Team Up for GlobalShop 2018 Trade Show

Brant InStore and Ulta Beauty are partnering for a custom retail display for GlobalShop 2018. For over 25 years, GlobalShop has been the country’s largest retail design industry trade show. The annual show features industry-changing concepts for store design, retail technology, visual merchandising, and leaders in shopper marketing. With thousands of industry professionals in attendance,     Read more →

Another Win for Retailers: Complete Custom Packaging and Kitting Services at Brant InStore

With our in-house custom retail packaging and kitting solutions, you’ll never need to worry about how your product is presented again. Customized Packaging All of our packaging solutions at Brant InStore have options for custom product packaging. No matter what you require, the equipment here at Brant InStore is fully capable of creating everything down     Read more →

Dye Sublimation: Another State-of-the-Art Addition at Brant InStore

Brant InStore Traditional Dye Sublimation When companies are looking to punch up their visual marketing and advertising campaigns, they know to turn to Brant Instore. For years, we have set the industry standard for new and exciting capabilities for retail / in-store signage and marketing programs in North America. Most recently, we have introduced a     Read more →

Revolutionary Onset X3 Digital Printer Arrives at Brant InStore!

Multiplying Stellar Performance Progress has had many names throughout the history of the printing world, but today, progress is called the “Onset X3 digital printer”. This highly advanced digital printer from Fujifilm is leading the industry in printer quality, speed, and efficiency. This sleek professional printer has slashed traditional turnaround time to create high-quality expedited     Read more →

How Time, Style and Manufacturing Processes Have Changed for Advertising Banners

Welcome to the 21st century where advertising banners can now be mass-produced quickly and effectively to look stylish and colourful. Advertisement banners are not dying, and they sure aren’t being forgotten by business. In fact, over recent years the production of advertisement banners has changed in order to better promote businesses. When print advertisement was     Read more →

Boost Happiness Without Stress: How to Stop Multitasking

Have you ever felt as though you’re not as productive as you’d like to be, even when it seems as though you’re working all the time? Perhaps the problem is not the number of hours that you’re working, but instead, the focus that you’re bringing to each particular task. Studies have shown that multitasking can     Read more →

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