All About Screen Printing

The Screen Printing Process What is screen printing? Screen printing began in China over a century ago, and has been a foundation of many printing companies ever since, including Brant InStore. Screen printing is a process that involves pressing ink, paint, metal, or other materials through a mesh or some other kind of screen onto     Read more →

How to Choose the Best Digital File Formats for Your Large Prints

Digital Files and Professional Prints When it comes to digital printing, not everything is as simple as it seems. While it may seem like you can simply send any image to a printer and have it printed exactly as it appears on the screen, most of the time it does not work out that way.     Read more →

Printing Services Offered by Brant InStore

At Brant InStore, we have been highly dedicated to offering the most state-of-the-art printing services available since first opening our doors in 1963. Today, we have grown to over 300 employees, and have expanded our capabilities to provide numerous methods for large and small format printing. Our company is well-known for being completely up-to-date with     Read more →

Digital vs Print

The conventional wisdom that declared print dead continues to mislead business professionals. In fact, professionals who get exposure for their business in both print and web advertisements achieve a significantly higher response. Statistics have illustrated a 25% increase with print advertising in comparison to companies who only use the web. Take a moment and think     Read more →

Large Format Printing – The Bigger, The Better!

The Bigger, The Better! There are a number of techniques businesses can utilize to market their company. These techniques include interactive print advertisements to large format printing. As the name hints, large format printing is done on an enormous scale. That means that no advertisement is too small to fit your needs. Our experts at     Read more →

Grab More Shoppers with Effective Indoor Advertising

What Constitutes Effective Indoor Advertising in Shopping Malls? Despite the struggle that retail stores are experiencing trying to compete with the online sector, shopping malls are thriving and are still highly effective places to utilize for advertising. Shopping malls are a place where people young and old can congregate to engage and connect with other     Read more →

How Are Shopping Mall Retailers Taking Advantage of Digital Marketing Trends?

The past few years have been tough on big name retailers that set up shop in malls. With the ease that comes with shopping at online retailers and through companies like Amazon, in-store retailers have taken a huge hit. Stores like Macy’s and JCPenney in the US have seen major dips in their sales and     Read more →

What Advertising Does to Your Brain

Since we live in a world of advertising, it is technically a world of our making. We also live in a world that widely accepts advertising in all forms, whether we realize it or not. As a business owner or retailer, it’s very important to know why advertising is extremely important to your business’s success,     Read more →

When it comes to printing, old school is still very much alive:

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