Trends Affecting Small Businesses This Year

Business owners tend to spend a lot of time searching the magic oracle (a.k.a. the internet) for answers to business growth questions. How do I get new customers? How do I get existing customers to come back? Why doesn’t my cat like me? Ok, maybe business owners don’t have issues with their cats, though the     Read more →

Crafting Your Brand to Communicate Your Unique Sales Proposition

Simply being the best is no longer the key to improving your bottom line. Not only is it a somewhat nebulous concept that isn’t easily quantifiable, it’s become more the status quo than anything else. Everyone selling something claims to be the best. Have you ever seen someone claim to be “second-best” in their marketing?     Read more →

Staying Productive, Even When It Seems Impossible

From a certain perspective, employees have it relatively easy. They don’t have a choice regarding what type of work they’re doing or when they’re doing it. Productivity is dictated not only by the company they work for but by the people they answer to. If they don’t have a spark of creative inspiration on their     Read more →

SGIA’s Women in Print Alliance Now Operating as Advisory Council

This article, which appeared on the SGIA website, reports on a new council of 17 printing industry leaders overseeing initiatives supporting female peers: Fairfax, Virginia — The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Women in Print Alliance is now an official advisory council with 17 female leaders representing different facets of the printing industry. Since 2016, the     Read more →

A Personal Touch Makes a Difference

Business Wants You – to Be You Marketing is becoming increasingly personalized with the technology available to create templates for customization. More companies are looking for ways to personalize schwag, brochures, and online communications. It’s easy to understand why customers love personalization because it means that they are getting noticed, and they can see their     Read more →

Tips for Getting Maximum Mileage Out of Your Marketing Content

Does Effective Marketing Have to be the Long Road? Too many marketers look at the content they’re creating as “one and done.” You spend a huge amount of money designing the right print mailer, send it to all of the relevant people on your list, and then never think about it again, right? Wrong. The     Read more →

Join Us at NRF 2019 this Month!

For movers, shakers and all kinds of makers. This January 13-15, NRF welcomes members of the media to NRF 2019 Retail’s BIG Show – a community filled with a global audience and exhibitor base that could only come from NRF. This is the event for movers and shakers, and all kind of makers. Where different voices     Read more →

Social Media Has Changed Everything

How Social Media has Changed Everything in Terms of Customer Engagement Customer engagement has always been one of the primary contributing factors when it comes to strengthening a brand or growing a business, but this is especially true in an era where social media rules the day. The conversation between a business and its customers     Read more →

Trends Affecting Small Businesses This Year…

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