A Die-Cut Above the Rest

As Brant InStore grew, we listened to our clients and saw the need for die cutting and finishing in house.  There are guillotining, laminating, mounting, kitting and collating machines as well as three different types of die cutting, all available to meet your needs.

Boxes? What’s so special about boxes?
We created a box making division in house so you don’t have to wait for us to get boxes from outsourced suppliers.  Not only does this allow us to deliver your order faster than our competition, but it creates endless possibilities that help you grow your business.

We Always Have a Head Start

At Brant InStore we have total control from when the job comes in the door to when it leaves the dock.  With a dedicated finishing facility of over 150,000 sq ft., we can be more competitive because we do everything internally.

What’s special to others, is just what we do.

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