The Screen Printing Process

What is screen printing? Screen printing began in China over a century ago, and has been a foundation of many printing companies ever since, including Brant InStore.

Screen printing is a process that involves pressing ink, paint, metal, or other materials through a mesh or some other kind of screen onto another surface (such as a wood block, a poster, paper, etc.).

Many screen printing methods and locations also utilize stencils or some other kind of impenetrable material to create shapes and designs on the final product (somewhere the ink or paint does not penetrate).

During the actual printing process, the paint or ink is transferred onto the final surface via a type of blade or “squeegee” of sorts, which runs across the mesh layer to press it onto the intended printing surface.

Then, as the screen is pulled away from the woodblock or poster, the ink remains and the design appears. This process has also been referred to as silk-screen or serigraph printing, but all of these involve the exact same process.

Developments in Screen Printing

Though the process began with the use of silk as the “screen” (thus, silk-screen printing), it eventually became commonplace to use polyester fibers for the mesh surface.

Today, most printing companies simply use synthetic threads to form their screens for printing. Screens also come in various mesh sizes and shapes in order to create numerous types of end results, depending on the desired design of the screen printing.

From Art to Advertisements

Screen printing can serve a variety of purposes. Many artists have used it, such as Andy Warhol, to create masterpieces or conversation pieces. The process can also be used for large scale advertisements of specific designs—it is far more unique than your typical billboard or bus bench.


The size of screen printing also means that you can easily create eye-catching display stands. Most companies, including Brant InStore, use full colour printing for great results.

For Clothing

Screen printing is also often used for clothing in addition to advertisements and art. The technique of screen printing makes it a far more versatile form than other printing styles, such as lithographs.

Screen printing is also used to create designs on balloons, snowboards, printed electronics, decals, and a multitude of other industries you probably would not expect. The flexibility of screen printing allows for the flexibility of its purpose and outcomes.

Contact Us for Your Screen Printing

At Brant InStore, we have four different size screen printing tables ranging in sizes from 65” x 105”all the way to 54” x 120”. All of our options ensure that we can complete your orders in the shortest amount of time while still achieving fantastic printing results. Our various table sizes also mean we can fulfill your order, whatever it may be, to the best of our ability, from small to large.

Our company began its journey with screen printing, and though our services have expanded over the years, we are still incredibly proud of our results.

For more information or for your screen printing needs, please contact us at (you can even request a quote) or by calling 1-800-265-8480.