With our in-house custom retail packaging and kitting solutions, you’ll never need to worry about how your product is presented again.

Customized Packaging

All of our packaging solutions at Brant InStore have options for custom product packaging. No matter what you require, the equipment here at Brant InStore is fully capable of creating everything down to the last detail. Your custom packaging boxes will be handled and created with the utmost care and attention to ensure your vision is properly brought to life

In-House Equipment

All our packaging and kitting equipment, including our printing machines for custom packaging, are housed here at Brant InStore. This means we require no outsourcing for things like boxes, printing presses, and more. Everything we need to bring your custom packaging to life exists right here within our doors, so you can fully expect great results at a quick rate.

Fast Turnaround

As our equipment is housed within Brant InStore, delivery of your amazing custom kitting and packaging will be quick and easy. We take care of everything within our own walls, so we can guarantee your product and packaging will be shipped quickly, efficiently, and with everything exactly as you requested it. With all of our various finishing and printing equipment, your packaging will be everything you desire, and our incredible distribution network will get your packaging to you as fast as possible.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

From pre-printing press to distribution, everything about your custom retail packaging order will be handled by experts at Brant InStore. During pre-printing, you will be dealing with a single source here at Brant InStore, so you can rest easy knowing your packaging order will be in great hands even before it reaches the printing press. In printing, we have multiple printer styles – digital, litho, and screen presses, to name a few – and each one caters to different order needs. The best printer for your custom kitting will be selected to get the best results. We can also print on a multitude of different materials, depending on your needs.

Once the packaging is printed, it will be finished in store as well, with whatever finish you desire from our options. We then cut, assemble, and deliver all of your customer order directly to you, keeping our tight schedule promise and providing the best possible outcomes for your custom packaging!

Complete End-to-End Service

At Brant InStore, we do everything in our power to make sure you get the custom packaging and printing that you desire. With our variety of equipment and services, we can create even the most seemingly complicated packaging solutions to fit your needs.

Since all of our equipment, from printing to assembly to delivery, is all housed under our roof, we save you money on outsourcing and other expenses normally associated with custom orders. For more information, visit Brant InStore today! https://brantinstore.com/