As a Brant InStore customer, you can take advantage of this exciting new online ordering system. B.E.S.T. lets you login to your own branded website and shop for products you create.

Each user has a unique username and password to access your own branded storefront.

We can provide you with an unlimited variety of products that can be easily ordered through a simple-to-use site with just a ‘Click’. All of this can be done from a mobile device, tablet or computer; anywhere you have Internet access, any time of day.

How It Works

Once you’ve logged in, you can browse the products in your custom ordering area.

1. Click on the name or image of the product you wish to order to see a full description of that item
2. Choose the quantity you need
3. Click ‘Add To Cart
4. Review order details and Checkout

NOTE: The process works as a cart-based ordering system whereby you choose quantity and have it added to a cart for review prior to placing your order. An internal inventory system lets us keep track of the items and quantity you order, so we can ensure to replenish stock for future orders.

View your Cart to see a list of the products and quantities. You can change quantities and remove any product(s) at this time. When ready, proceed to the Checkout. Here you have the option to choose an existing location or add a new one as well as choose the delivery and shipping method required.

You can either issue a Purchase Order number or have the payment run immediately via Credit Card or Direct Payment.

For more information or to sign up,
call 1-800-265-8480