Brant InStore recently added a Mimaki JV5-320S and a Monti 91-3600-500mm to allow them to print on an even wider array of materials and applications for their customers. Bringing Dye Sublimation and continuous transfer thermo-printing in house even further rounds out their diverse capabilities and makes them even more of a valued and true end to end partner.

Here is just a little bit about the new equipment and its capabilities:

The Mimaki JV5 Series

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Applications with solvent or inks:

Vehicle graphics

Point-of-purchase displays
Exhibition graphics
Window clings
and more

With dye sublimation inks:


Fashion & Sportswear
Exhibition soft signage
T-shirt transfers
and more…


The Monti 91-3600-500mm


The Monti was designed for the continuous transfer thermoprinting of curtains, uphostery fabrics, bedcovers, fashion textiles, non-wovens and all printable continuous materials with a width of from 0 to 4200 mm., including those for digital and promotional applications.
Furthermore these machines are used to reactivate inks directly printed on textiles from digital plotters or traditional printing machines, and to heatset CRUSH effects. They are conceived to give the best possible ease of operation for the introduction and winding of paper and materials.

Features of the Monti Antonio Mod 91 3.6m:

Paper tension is adjusted by means of powerful disk-brakes.
Temperature can be adjusted by an electronic thermostat in the range from room temperature to 230°C, according to the type of material to be printed.
Pressure between paper and fabric occurs through a special blanket whose tension is adjusted by a pneumatic system according to the type of material.
The accurate surface temperature of the drum is achieved by electrical central resistor which heats the special diathermic oil sealed in the drum. This is achieved without pressure by MONTI ANTONIO SPA patented system.
All motions occur with independent, but synchronised, servo-motors, avoiding the need for chains and systems with variable pulleys.
At roller delivery both the used paper and the material are perfectly wound on paper cores of several diameter.
The system of temperature dripping at delivery keeps the materials features unchanged, avoiding a splitting in two of patterns during the winding.
Blanket tension recedes automatically at work cycle end.
The machines are very compact, with limited overall dimensions.
The heating system reduces the consumption of electricity by 50% when compared to traditional machines.
The entire mod. 91/93 series comprises easy to use machines, also suitable for non-specialist operators.
Greatest possible productivity, achieved by the exploiting the entire heated surface of the cylinder.
Special motors for automatic constant tension of paper in exit (printing paper and protection paper).
Multifunctional meter counter with alarm allows the operator to predetermine the length of production runs.
Automatic blanket-centering device.
Built-in safety system to protect the machine during power failure.
Weekly timer allows the machine to be automatically turned on and off at preprogrammed times.
Featuring NOMEX felt.

We are excited to work with you on any existing products or programs.

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