Brant InStore of Brantford, Ontario purchased its third and fourth Esko Kongsberg finishing systems, specifically two XP24 tables that feature i-cut cameras, auto-feeder and kiss-cut, through cut and routing capabilities. The company also owns an older model Kongsberg table and had purchased a Kongsberg XP24 with i-cut camera last year.

“These two machines were similar to the one we had purchased a year ago,” saoid John Paul deBoer, CEO of Brant Instore. “The Kongsberg table is relatively simple to install, and doesn’t consume a lot of floor space.”

Founded in 1963 with one manual press and two employees, Brant InStore has approximately 300 employees generating revenue from customers across Canada and the United States, who primarily operate in retail, restaurant and automotive industries. It operates four large-format silkscreen colour presses along with four wide-format flatbed inkjet printers and four large-format digital roll-to-roll presses. They also operate five litho presses of varying sizes. The company also operates a 150,000 square-foot finishing and distribution facility.

With a maximum working area of 70 x 141 inches and a maximum speed of 66 inches inches per second, the Kongsberg XP24 can convert a range of board, sheet and roll materials. An optional conveyor extension is available that can work with rolls or sheets/boards with an Auto-Feeder with scissor-lift and transfer cart system, expanding the quantity of print runs that can be pre-stacked. With the Auto-Feeder, the Kongsberg table is able to take the substrate, set the program, read the registration marks, cut the job, and send it to an output conveyor.

“One of the strengths we promote is helping to reduce time to market,” said deBoer. “We can turn around jobs in 24 hours or less. This is our busiest time of the year and if you cannot react quickly enough to changes and last-minute requests, you can lose orders.”