A&W awards Brant Instore their Award of Excellence for Performance – 2014

Brant InStore is proud to announce that they have earned an Award of Excellence for performance and service levels during 2014.

A&W Canada’s Manager of Brand Print Services recently sent a letter informing us that we have achieved a performance rating of 4.69 out of 5.0 relating to the printing, finishing and shipping of their product to various locations.
Based on that performance rating, we have been awarded their “Award of Excellence for Performance for 2014”.
This award demonstrates the power of a great relationship between customer and supplier. It verifies that everyone is pulling in the same direction with the same goals and objectives.
This award is made even more meaningful because it is based on a feedback report from the Head Office staff and their franchisees.
A&W acknowledged the value of the true partnerships they have with suppliers like us and recognize the important role we play in their success.
Thank you to all our valued employees, without your hard work and dedication we would not have been able to make this happen.