CSR of the Year Award – Lisa Quinn


When the buyers get together to nominate for the awards and CSR of the year we discussed who should be nominated.  We have Lisa’s name nominated by several buyers (as opposed to one person nominating a bunch of different CSRs).  She was a very obvious choose for this year’s nomination.

Lisa is always quick to respond to emails, requests, RFQ changes or project/ schedule changes… Lisa has a “can do attitude” – where sometimes it is easy to say “no we can’t do that” Lisa always works to make sure that late projects are pushed through and can be completed quickly once released.  Lisa is proactive and knows the Kohl’s process and completes all necessary details ahead of time and requires little to no reminders from Kohl’s buyers.  She is able to anticipate our needs and make recommendations back to us as well.

A lot of Lisa’s actions positively reflect on Brant in general… and a lot of the area’s do cross over.  We (Kohl’s) love how fast we are able to get bids back (thanks to Barb – I wish we had an estimator of the year award, however you are the only company we work with that we work directly with the estimating team) as well as Brant’s ability to turn projects around fast for us (thanks to your whole production team).