When someone says printing, you probably think of a typical sheet of paper coming out of your printer, printing primarily in black, or maybe coloured ink. That is what the average person uses printing for: to print out their own thoughts and ideas, or maps or pictures. But I want you to now think on a larger scale, because once I started doing that, it changed my entire outlook on things.

Look around you right now and think about everything that has been printed. Go ahead and look.

For me, I look at my shelf of CDs/DVDs and realize they have all been printed. All my books, journals, all my manuals, my T-shirts, and all my clothes; even my bedsheet and pillows have had to have some printing done on them to have that design.

Once you start opening your mind to how important printing is, you will understand why digital printing companies are some of the biggest in the world. Business is booming when it comes to printing and it will not slow down anytime soon.

It has been forecast that by 2018 the global printing market will, in fact, be worth just over $980 billion. Let me repeat that number so you can wrap your head around it: $980 BILLION!!!

That is a heck of a lot of money.

This figure has been based on accurate scientific research about how much is being spent now, and how much companies will be spending in the future. There is such a need for digital printing companies as they are used by almost every product in the world. There has been a move toward digital for the past several years, and each year, the use of digital printing goes up and up!

However, with environmental issues being important for many people, and the rise of eBooks and digital pictures, we will see if the digital printing companies take a hit in years to come.

The biggest digital printing companies in the world today are as follows:

  • Arko Custom
  • Banta Corporation
  • BDT AG
  • Bowne & Co.
  • Bradbury Agnew & Co
  • Camelot Ghana
  • Champion Industries
  • Confetti Media
  • Consolidated Graphics
  • Cenveo Inc.
  • CSS Industries
  • World Color Press Inc.
  • Wildfire Publishing
  • Vista Print
  • and Sun Media.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more digital printing companies around the world, each with one goal in mind: to have the most clients using them for their service.

I recommend when looking for which digital printing company to use, to not only look at price, but also look at the tools they are using.

Many are striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but always do your research beforehand, and look at reviews to make sure they will deliver the best product possible.