The conventional wisdom that declared print dead continues to mislead business professionals. In fact, professionals who get exposure for their business in both print and web advertisements achieve a significantly higher response. Statistics have illustrated a 25% increase with print advertising in comparison to companies who only use the web.

Take a moment and think about it. As much time as we spend on social media, how often do we pay attention to ads? Business professionals who choose to utilize print and the web can exploit the strengths of each medium.

However, print advertising dismisses conventional wisdom as it is reimagined as a lucrative industry. Despite current revenues, business professionals will find advantages that print advertising has over an online-only advertisement strategy

Solidity vs Convenience

At Brant InStore, we recognize a number of advertising techniques from promotions to editorial interviews. An interview allows us to boast our products and services. An interview that is printed in a promotional or editorial context has a tangibility that the web does not. We strengthen our advertisements by utilizing the solidity of print and the convenience of the web.

For instance, a company looking to advertise the opening of a second location would benefit from utilizing their social media to inform current customers and followers they already have. In addition, to reach out to new customers, it’s wise to have an advertisement in print done by Brant Instore to better inform a larger audience and more potential customers.

Influential Junk Mail

The highlight of most people’s day is receiving mail as they indulge in sifting through the important documents and what many of us consider junk mail such as advertisements. Ironically, that junk mail is more influential than many are aware of. Did you know that 80% of households acknowledge advertising mail?  A survey conducted by illustrates that print increases sales with 76% of web users being influenced by print mail. It turns out that “junk mail” entices consumers to make a purchase in comparison to email.

Minimizing Noise

Web advertisements have their advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is excess noise. For instance, while browsing the internet, a consumer is likely to maneuver through multiple tabs and have the television on as background noise. Excess noise makes a consumer unreceptive to your advertisements, also called ad blindness, whereas a print eliminates those distractions. A study conducted by Ball State University demonstrated that when a consumer is reading print, that is their only medium 85% of the time.

Unite the Print-Web Guide

We encourage our employees at Brant InStore to work as a team, utilizing their strengths and weaknesses. The same concept can be applied to interactive advertising, which utilizes the strengths of print and web. Interactive advertisements include the use of QR codes, which allow consumers to scan the barcode from their phones as well as “text to like” codes. In addition, we encourage other companies to use URLs and promotions in their print ads to entice consumers to follow up online.

Our certified experts at Brant InStore have the skills in software development and design to exceed your advertising expectations. Contact us today for a quote on your next project.