People and businesses need to print things every day, whether it be for promotion, advertisement, for school, or just for personal use. Since the launch of the computer systems, printing has been just as integral as going on the internet, they are both in a state of constant evolution.

With so many styles of printers and ways of printing, it can be quite the difficult task to know what style does what. Whether it’s screen printing, litho printing, offset or dye sublimation, the end result has to fit the immediate job and it’s purpose. Plus it has to look good.

With a bit of understanding of the processes, you can reduce the intimidation. A small bit of the right knowledge comes in handy. Plus dealing with a transparent supplier who will provide you with honest feedback will make your printing projects shine.

After researching the various types of printing methods and the services available, today’s post is about dye sublimation printing services and what you need to know about them.

What exactly is dye sublimation printing?

Simply put, it is a process of printing that uses specially formulated inks that are particularly sensitive to heat. When they come in contact with a specialized heated printer, they turn directly from a solid to a gaseous state (sublimation) which can then be absorbed into a substrate. This is how you can get vibrant full-range colour pictures printed on blankets, pillows, T-shirts or onto a vivid large format substrate for your own promotions.

It’s this style of printing that allows images to resist fading or cracking, even when fabric material is washed over and over again. Most commonly, you need to print at a temperature 350° Fahrenheit for dye sublimation, but you can go upwards of 420°.

What you get from dye sublimation printing is an exceptionally high resolution full colour print that is nearly permanent. You can consistently use dye sublimation printing services to print intricate bright patterns using your own proprietary graphics, and also develop uniquely branded promotional items for your business.

Many services offer dye sublimation printing services no matter what country you live in. Choosing a printing partner with experience, modern printing machinery and expertise is key to maximizing your company’s printed marketing materials. Whether you want to print images on custom banners, promotional shirts, mugs, tiles, shower doors, pos displays, virtually anything you want.

A small independent printing service may have limitations in output size and substrate materials. Whereas a larger professional service will typically have larger up-to-date dye sublimation printers and an experienced staff capable of reproducing your graphics to the dimensions you require, and on the materials you want.

While it is feasible to do your own dye sublimation printing in-house as equipment and associated supplies come down in price, there is no substitution for a large format professional service. Unless you’re using your own equipment on a weekly, reach out to a dye sublimation printing service that can serve your company’s creative and print needs.