We’re Certifiably Green


The planet, and our children both need us to make wise choices. One of these choices is sustainability. Brant InStore has done its part by becoming an environmentally friendly, FSC certified and ISO 14001 certified printer. We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our green printing processes. When you choose Brant InStore to print your message, you can show your customers you care without compromising on quality and cost.

The FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. Products carrying the FSC label are independently certified to assure consumers that they come from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

This is a systematic approach that requires the organization to take a hard look at all areas where its activities have an environmental impact.

A product marked with this symbol has been manufactured with at least some materials that have been recycled. Generally, additional information is conveyed with the symbol such as “Printed on recycled paper.”

Post-consumer material comes from finished products that have been used and recycled by the consumer.

Pre-consumer waste includes scraps, trimmings, and other by-products left over from the paper manufacturing and printing processes.

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