As the world becomes more flat, small businesses can learn a lot from much larger competitors.

First and foremost, Mega Advertisers and large commercial enterprises understand that placement and frequency of their advertisements are the top priority. Next, these same enterprises diversify their advertising portfolio, stitching together multiple channels in order to create a well-balanced campaign.

Finally, every campaign, big or small, is scrutinized based on a strict rubric of effectiveness. Each of these three behaviors commonly associated with large business should be applied to small businesses in order to increase overall market impact and efficacy.

Furthermore, with the development of more cost effective and efficient large format printing technology, an investment in such a printer could be the best step forward in meeting these three criterion.

Frequency and Placement

Advertising placement is critical, content is king, and investment in a large format printer will pay dividends towards production time and placement availability. Owning a large format printer drastically reduces the dependence on external agencies for the production of marketing material.

This will decrease overall cost, and allow for the production of dynamic marketing tools which can be customized on command. Likewise, the level of customization available in a personalized setting will open the door to new, untapped marketing opportunities. Ultimately, owning a large format printer will allow the possibility of more frequent marketing campaigns which can be customized for specific placement opportunities.


Diversification of your marketing efforts will not only increase overall market share, but may bring the potential for new customers. Objectively, by making the investment in a large format printer, the ability to customize marketing material increases significantly.

As previously stated, this allows for unique placement opportunities, but it also allows the user to enter certain established marketing solutions which would otherwise be inaccessible. For a small business, this may mean bringing their marketing campaigns to a whole new level, placing them on par with their larger competition.


Regardless of the type of campaign, or the magnitude, effectively tracking customer response is essential to build concrete strategies. On the one hand, without owning a large printer, mistakes made regarding effectiveness could prove to be a financial disaster.

Certainly, owning the mechanism to create unique marketing material would limit this cost. At the same time though, being in control of the printing mechanism would ultimately give a small business more control over the exact efficiency of their campaign, being able to account for basic material costs and comparing it to customer acquisition.

Additionally, being able to track each and every piece of printed material will make recording the necessary data surrounding the marketing campaign a much less painful process.

The prospect of owning a large format printer can be prohibitive to many small businesses, but in today’s market certain factors make it an increasingly feasible opportunity for more cost-effective outsourcing:

Large Format Printers are available to print any size

Costs and fees have dramatically reduced

Marketing benefits easily offset the investment

Ultimately, leveraging the large format machines is an upfront cost, but the potential benefits of utilizing such printers in a well coordinated marketing plan certainly overtakes costs in the long term.

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