Welcome to the 21st century where advertising banners can now be mass-produced quickly and effectively to look stylish and colourful. Advertisement banners are not dying, and they sure aren’t being forgotten by business. In fact, over recent years the production of advertisement banners has changed in order to better promote businesses.

When print advertisement was fairly new, banners were the top tool chosen by businesses because of their ability to jump out at consumers. However, with the growth of the digital age, advertising banners have made some significant changes to their promotional strategies. Find out how time, style, and manufacturing processes have changed for advertising banners, and why your business still needs them.


Advertising banners have significantly changed over the years, mainly because over time, there has been a huge shift in advertising. With the prevalence of digital technologies, print advertising has been able to increase in efficiency. Manufacturing advertising banners can almost happen in an instant. In fact, a plethora of banners can be produced in a short amount of time.

Brant Instore started with manual press, but we now have innovative and effective print solutions. Banners and other prints can be produced and delivered in your desired timeline. Our new and improved technologies allow us to produce any size banner, even large format banners, in a short amount of time.

Style of Printing

Not only have banner and large format print advertising improved in efficiency more over time, they also have enhanced in quality. Banner advertisements have evolved as the digital age has advanced. New technologies have led to advancements in colours, design, and the overall look. Today you have printing solutions like Screen, Litho, Dye Sublimation and Digital print.

While the limitations of the print medium used to mean advertisements could only be done in so many ways, now businesses have a wide range of options for personalization when it comes to their advertisements. The types of styles of printing are explained below:


Screen printing is a popular choice for advertisement banners. It is a printing technique that involves mesh in order to transfer the ink onto a substrate. However, transfer won’t happen in areas that are made impermeable to ink if blocking with a stencil. In simple terms, one colour is printed at a time. This process can involve several screens being used at once if a client desires multiple colours in their design. Screen printing is a fast and effective way to make beautiful banners.


The new and improved digital printing is now the most common choice of print. It is fast, easy, and efficient. Through the use of large high-tech machines, individuals can have large and vibrant banner advertisements. Digital printing is the method of printing from digital-based images directly to a variety of media. You send an image straight to the large printer, and the digital print machine produces a clean, vibrant image on the desired banner type.


Litho is one of the most original forms of printing. Litho printing involves the process of printing from a metal plate on a ball-grained surface. It is very effective for printing text or intricate artwork. At Brant InStore, we maintain the original and traditional forms of printing, in addition to the most recent digital technologies.

Brant InStore is known for delivering high-quality prints from their multitude of printing techniques. Contact us today!