Make Sure Your In-Store Marketing Collateral is as Unique as Your Customers

In 2017, a record 7,000 retailers closed shop in the United States. In 2018, this number stood at just over 5,000. In 2019, this number is expected to grow and surpass last year’s mark. This threat of closure brings to the fore the need to have in-store marketing solutions that work.

First off, what is in-store marketing?

In-store marketing is exactly what it sounds like—marketing that takes place within a store. Probably the best-known examples of this are product samples and displays. These are actionable steps taken to sell a product or products locally or to attract local business.

What are the best in-store marketing solutions?

  • Customer Relationships

With the online market taking charge, more and more customers are raising their queries online but not getting the right responses when they need them. The reason behind this is the use of bots to respond to customer queries. The best in-store marketing campaigns are ones where the business has opted to transform its physical store to a place where customer queries can be handled more effectively by an agent.

  • Price Promotions

Everyone loves to buy at a discount, and if this happens to be an option at their favorite store, then all the better. Price promotions such as coupons and school sales are part of a wider scale of in-store marketing solutions that have the most positive return on investment. Price promotions have proven to be more effective than a wide scope of in-store advertising examples such as;

  • Live demonstrations
  • Picture advertisements
  • Display screens
  • Customer Experience

The in-store customer experience is one of the most crucial aspects of any retail store that wants to beat its competition. Especially with the rise of online shopping, customers have more options than ever before—and you have more competition than ever before. Whether your staff is friendly and informative is often the deciding factor between a return customer and lost customer—sell your service, not just your product.

  • Product Launches

New products that would appeal to existing customers are best utilized to advance in-store marketing campaigns. Successful product launches that draw in previously existing customers and make them regular users of the new product are the types of campaigns you’re looking for here. This is a great example of in-store marketing and how it’s beneficial to a retail store. This is an innovative in-store marketing solution that helps cut down on costs.

Product launches can be supported by other in-store marketing solutions, such as displays and live demonstrations. Store display marketing helps grab the attention of a would-be customer and draw them to the location of the launch within the store.

Live demonstrations, on the other hand, help the customers familiarize themselves with the product being sold and how it works. These demonstrations give the customer confidence that the product can solve his or her problem.

  • Picking the Right Solution

Sometimes choosing an in-store marketing solution isn’t a simple thing. As a business, you have to come up with a procedure that helps you evaluate the available solutions so you can arrive at the most effective one.