The Bigger, The Better!

There are a number of techniques businesses can utilize to market their company. These techniques include interactive print advertisements to large format printing. As the name hints, large format printing is done on an enormous scale. That means that no advertisement is too small to fit your needs. Our experts at Brant InStore can print your advertisement as big as 80″ x 56″.

An advertisement of this magnitude is often used for posters, billboards, or graphics for cars and buses. To determine if large format printing is the best advertising technique for your business, we have compiled a list to highlight the advantages.

LFP Is Durable

We offer a number of printing solutions to meet a business’ advertising needs, but only large format prints can withstand elements without fading or being damaged. Large format printing is used to create banners by businesses with the intention of being outside for a long period of time. For instance, these banners include promotions that are ideal for a number of events. In addition, large format printing produces billboards and transit graphics, which are the most common use of this size printing.

Reducing Waste

The size of the business plays a factor in advertising needs. For instance, the demand of small business is not equivalent to the demand of a larger competitor. Printing companies can print in bulk if a business chooses traditional offset printing. However, some smaller businesses may only need a smaller amount of materials or printing done. Whatever size project you need done, we can accommodate it! Large format printing allows companies to print on demand, which reduces excess waste and financial losses.

Advertising Advantage Against Competitors

Businesses continue to convert to online-only advertisements as technology continues to rise. However, how many advertisements can you recall that you have come across online? At the moment, you may be drawing a blank, but you can tell us about the law firm advertisement you constantly pass on the interstate. Large format printing is designed to capture attention by using advertising mediums such as banners, billboards and transit graphics. It continues to be the most effective medium of advertising, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Don’t Do It Alone

There are a variety of mediums that large format printing is used for, such as billboards, banners, and transit graphics. Businesses can choose from a wide selection of inks such as acid dyes, reactive dye inks, pigmented textile inks and more. However, if the print is not executed properly, it harms the company’s advertisement instead of benefiting from it. At Brant Instore, we have locations across the United States and Canada. Allow our printing experts to take on your large format printing projects.

No One Prints Like We Do

We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer’s advertising expectations, in terms of size and quality at Brant InStore. We encourage you to contact us today for a quote for your next advertisement project from banners to floor graphic—there is nothing we can’t do!