Large Format Printing: Big Returns for any Small Business


As a small business owner, time is a commodity you can’t afford to waste. Although you might spend all your time trying to find the best ways to invest your money, large format printing almost seems like an unnecessary expense. Granted, you may have some experience with Adobe Photoshop or other graphic design software. You may even have a decent camera that can produce high-resolution images. But more than likely, the cost of purchasing a large commercial printer wasn’t part of your initial startup expense sheet, and you’ll have neither the money, nor time, to develop large format prints for your business.


Fortunately, you don’t have to. Commercial print services offer professional print quality that will not only save you time and money for your business, but can also offer a wide variety of benefits.



The first question any business owner asks usually has to do with cost. Depending on the size of the print, mounting options, and quality, a typical large format print can cost anywhere from around $30 to $100 each for a single print. This may seem like quite a bit for something like a banner or sign, but if you consider the effect that a professionally-made “Sale” sign can have on your business, even $100 wouldn’t seem to be a major financial burden.


Professional Quality

The manner in which you speak to your customers matters just as much as the product or service you are selling, and commercial print services will give you a certain degree of professionalism that you may not otherwise be able to achieve on your own. Print services will often advise you on the best possible options that are suited to your needs. Whether you want to promote a sale or a new product, it’s best to leave it in the hands of capable professionals.


Brand Recognition

There’s a reason why big brands like Coca Cola and McDonald’s choose high traffic areas like Times Square to advertise their products on massive billboards and jumbo trons. More often than not, people invest in brands they recognize. Utilizing a commercial print service for large format printing can give your business the kind of brand recognition you need to boost your returns in ways you wouldn’t be able to by yourself. Even if you don’t see returns right away, investing in large prints will keep your business in their minds.



Most printing services use digital software to develop prints, along with professional commercial-grade printers to develop them. You may be able to print a single banner or sign on your own and laminate it at your local office store, but you’ll run out of ink, require different sizes for different occasions, and possibly even desire an entirely new design, all of which will eventually lead to inconsistency in your advertising. Large format printing services are accustomed to producing prints for all types of situations, and they’ll be able to adjust your image while still maintaining the same consistency in your marketing campaign.



As a business owner, your time is your most valuable asset, and you certainly don’t want to waste it all in front of a computer screen tinkering with images on Adobe Photoshop. Large format printing involves a decent amount of technical knowledge, and you would rather spend your time developing new business strategies and increasing your profit margins than trying to figure out how to resize your high-resolution image to fit onto your next advertisement.

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