With Brant InStore Creative Displays, Your Competition Doesn’t Stand a Chance

A lot goes into attracting and retaining customers in a business. A significant portion of this is the effort to make the buying process at a retail store convenient for the buyer.

Product displays are the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to this. The following are some of the unique product display ideas that you can put to use.

  1. Unboxing your products

The number one reason that people still buy at retail shops is that they can touch the products. As opposed to e-commerce shopping, which is like window shopping, the chance to feel the product changes a lot and helps in closing a sale much faster.

Allowing your customers to have the feel of the products is one of the best product display ideas. An example of this would be unboxing sneakers at a sneaker store and allowing customers to feel the sneaker in their hands or try them on.

  1. Use tech displays

Tech displays are among the most creative product display ideas available to most retails stores. In this case, a display screen is used to help guide the customer to where they can get the products once he or she walks into a retail store.

If the screen can be an interactive one, such as one that allows the customer to type in a query, then this makes the display all the more effective.

  1. Move with trends

You must have noticed this with malls. The festive season is one time of the year when all the malls will have a Christmas tree set up somewhere with lights around it and sell products nearby.

This ability to move between product display ideas, with trends, is very crucial. You are more likely to help the customer or gain their interest if your product display relates to something that’s trending.


  1. Cross merchandising

Cross merchandising covers many innovative merchandising display ideas for a retail store and can be very helpful to the customer at the same time. You can give the customer ideas on how to pair two or more products to get the best results.

This helps to make you a go-to option for the customer, and eventually, it helps in driving more conversions. Cross merchandising is particularly helpful in the fashion industry as well as in the electronics industry. With cross-merchandising, you can easily push many products using a single product’s marketing strategy.

  1. Use informationals

Customers want to be educated about a particular product. This can be made possible through the use of informationals such as flow charts for your product displays.

Customers’ attention is more likely to be grabbed with an informational that makes things simple for them.

Choosing a creative in-store advertising method

The product will largely influence decisions about the product display idea to be followed. Not all products will be suited to a particular display idea.

Understanding this key concept allows for more creativity in tailoring the best display for a specific product.