Multiplying Stellar Performance

Progress has had many names throughout the history of the printing world, but today, progress is called the “Onset X3 digital printer”. This highly advanced digital printer from Fujifilm is leading the industry in printer quality, speed, and efficiency. This sleek professional printer has slashed traditional turnaround time to create high-quality expedited printing never seen before. The Onset X3 digital printer has finally arrived in North America at Brant InStore.

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This exclusive new printer is revolutionary in many fields. The Onset X3 digital printer:

  • can print over 9,600 ft²/hour and 180 beds/hour, creating a new peak of efficiency.
  • features fourteen channels with three CMYK ink channels, allowing for maximum productivity.
  • offers the additional CMYK ink choices of white (W) or orange (O), improving image brilliance and color depth.
  • has a simple, easily navigable interface for the best possible user experience.
  • iNozzle technology, which allows the printer to scan, identify, deactivate, and replace any underperforming ink nozzles for the best image quality.
  • operates within the Inca Software Suite, which offers access to software including Inca Vision, Reporter Pro, and Print Run Control.

The new Onset X3 digital printer is next in Fujifilm’s exclusive line of high-tech digital printers. Fujifilm has earned a golden reputation for upstanding quality in professional digital printing, but the Onset X3 digital printer takes efficiency and productivity to new heights.

The Onset X3 digital printer is the pinnacle of consistency and reliability for high-quality printing. The CEO of Inca Digital, an advanced industry leader in inkjet printer design, has praised the Onset X3 digital printer for its blending of efficiency and quality.

Cutting Edge Performance on All Levels

Brant InStore recognizes the importance of welcoming new technology with zeal. We are happy to announce that the Onset X3 digital printer is now being used at Brant InStore. At Brant InStore, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time, high quality prints, and friendly customer service. We are an industry leader in professional printing with a variety of press formats. We offer full services in pre-press and printing, as well as in finishing and distribution.

Our team is capable of full distribution within 24-36 hours; with the Onset X3 digital printer, we’ll be able to offer this remarkable turnaround time for more programs. The Onset X3 digital printer is part of our dedication to sustainable, green printing.

We’re Investing in Your Business

Brant InStore is your premiere partner for large-scale printing projects. Our speed to market, high-quality printing, and revolutionary technology makes our team perfect for any job. The Onset X3 digital printer will continue to improve our customer satisfaction. The Onset X3 digital printer is the pinnacle in digital printing, and we are excited to use this futuristic technology to provide the best quality printing on the market.

The Onset X3 digital printer will allow our team to improve our product turnaround time for more documents. Call our team to ask about getting your project printed quickly and effectively with the Onset X3 digital printer!

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