In a day and age where life is run and lived through our tech gadgets, many businesses and large scale companies have turned their marketing efforts to the digital realm of the internet. As a result, many make the mistake of neglecting their print advertising, presuming it to be outdated and ineffective.

However, the best and the biggest businesses out there still understand the importance and power of traditional large format promotional advertising. Without it, a brand could be lost in anonymity even if they have splashed themselves across the interweb.

So, why do we think that you should still be reserving a hefty portion of your business’ marketing efforts for large print advertising?

How it Works

First, when we say large format print advertising, we of course mean things like bill boards, large signage and window displays, kiosk displays, flyers, car signs and wraps, and the like. Promotional materials on the scale of what Brant InStore produces for its client base.

While digital advertising seems like it reaches a vastly larger audience than a stationary or locale restricted print advertisement, it is still limited to a specific audience: those already searching for your services. But with large format print promotional advertising, your net is cast wider.

Whether in a shop front window in a mall or high on a billboard by a busy road, these high quality, eye-drawing images on prominent, impossible to ignore displays draw thousands of eyes to them. Whether an individual was looking for your services or not, whether they even knew you existed before or not, they know you exist now.

The impact of that type of mass exposure, even to such a wide and at times possibly “irrelevant” audience, is three-fold:

Spreading the Brand

That wider net gets the attention of everyone that has to pass by it on foot or in a vehicle. While this means getting the attention of a less targeted audience, Brant InStore knows that a powerful, memorable image display ensures that your brand is spreading and spreading like wildfire.

Your brand will be known by everyone, which not only increases its reputation, but helps get your name get out to relevant audiences who haven’t heard of you yet. Even if disinterested audiences see your advertisement, their knowledge of your existence means they can pass your brand’s information on to someone who is interested.

But here is another benefit of getting your brand out to as wide an audience as possible…

Catch New Customers

The master minds at Brant InStore understand how powerful and persuasive a professional, high quality and prominent print advertisement can be, and so do their clients. The right signage, banner, or point of sale display can not only exposes passersby to your brand, but can draw them in and transform them into customers.

Strengthened Brand Reputation and Appeal

Finally, large scale, high quality advertisements of this nature speak volumes about the business behind them. It indicates professionalism, authority, and power in whatever industry that business represents.

This increases people’s belief in the brand’s strength, thus improving its reputation and appeal. Even a smaller business benefits through this method because it helps them play the part and gain the strength and reputation that they at first had to “pretend” to have.

So, it should be clear why large format printed promotional advertising is still absolutely a relevant and powerful way to advertise. It mass disseminates your brand, increasing its fame, it strengthens its reputation and appeal, and it converts passersby into customers.

If you want to learn more about what large print advertising could do for your business and what options you have, contact Brant InStore today.