Custom Vinyl banners are a versatile and effective marketing tool. This is in part because of their attractive appeal, as an eye-catching marketing tool which is accessible across a wide viewing range. But custom vinyl banners are also a great investment because of their longevity and utility in a broad variety of occasions. Some examples are:

  • Custom Vinyl sales promotions
  • Outdoor printed branding for businesses or events
  • Vinyl printed direction banners

But not all custom vinyl banners are created equal, and in order to ensure the lifetime of your printed product there are a few things to consider before your purchase. These are mostly related to ensuring the highest quality of your custom vinyl banner, but also have to do with the dynamic variety of this advertising tool.

1) DPI and Colour Choice Matters

Arguably the most important factor for your custom vinyl banner is that it is legible and good quality on a large scale. Large format printers rely heavily on the DPI or Dots Per Inch of a digital image.

Though most designers will provide a high-quality image at 150DPI or higher, the output quality of the vinyl print will depend directly on this unit. Therefore, before printing your banner make sure your image is at least 150-300DPI.

Colour choice is also an important consideration, both because it will affect how your banner is received and how effective it will be in the long-term. Large format printers will sometimes handle digital colour profiles differently, so consult with the designer or printer before making your final decision. Additionally, proofs or samples of the colour choices may be an important consideration before finalizing your custom vinyl banner design.

2) Choosing the Right Material and Design

There are two main things to consider when you are determining material and design constraints for your custom vinyl banner. First, there are many different types of finishes available for your vinyl banner, which will effect both its longevity in an outdoor setting and how it is visually effective.

UV finishes, for example are recommended when the product will be used primarily outdoors in direct sunlight. Second, there are many support systems which can be utilized to display your custom vinyl banner. Banner stands, retractable banners, and grommet products are available depending on their intended use.

This also relates directly to the overall size of the printed banner, as certain sizes will not be suitable for certain display types. Before finalizing your printed vinyl banner you must take into account the placement and size constraints required for its intended use.

While there is a dynamic range of printing materials available for large format custom banners, the opportunities afforded by using vinyl greatly outweigh the costs.

First, the economic benefits of a relatively inexpensive product, with a long lifetime, guarantee that you will see a marked return with minimal investment. Next, advanced printing techniques mean that a vinyl banner can feature the same print quality as other more expensive material bases.

Though this is largely dependent on the digital file utilized in the printing process, careful colour choice and graphic design can be used to amplify the printed banners overall impact.

Finally, the broad size scales available, and compelling display mechanisms make vinyl an extremely viable tool for marketing success.