Change is Just Another Form of Opportunity – Right?

The age of the megamall is officially over. The modern consumer these days can get what they want online easily enough. For the future of shopping malls to be secure, malls must change tactics. Consumers seek new and exciting experiences to entice them back to the mall.

In this post, we’ll look at the factors influencing the future of shopping malls. We’ll look at how mall developers will have to spice up their offerings.

An Interesting Experience Outside of Shopping

Innovative developers are scoring big points for their value-ads. Entertainment is a big drawcard. At one particularly innovative shopping centre, they offered the following:

  • A rock-climbing wall
  • A theatre
  • Cinemas
  • Several dining facilities
  • A bowling alley
  • A mini-golf course

There’s something there to interest everyone. In new concept stores like Naked, situated in New York, the stores change their store displays and product lines regularly. This keeps things fresh because you never know if the store will look the same tomorrow.


One thing that is becoming abundantly clear is that people don’t want to wander around aimlessly at the mall. The efficiency of design will be essential to the future of shopping malls. This will lead to the creation of more specialized areas in the centre.

Dubai Mall, for example, has a Fashion Avenue that features top designer brands. You can enter this section directly from the parking lot. By providing this convenient access means that upscale clients don’t have to trudge through the rest of the centre.

Technology can make the process more efficient. Sensors to indicate where parking spaces are open are one example. As technology advances, we must find other ways to enhance the efficiency of the centre.

Allowing a More Integrated Shopping Experience

Today the lines between our real and digital lives are blurring more. In the future, retailers will need to consider finding a way for real-world shoppers to use their online payment profiles. In some malls in Asia, they’re already experimenting with facial recognition software to facilitate this.

In the future, stores will be able to shrink thanks to technology. You could store less stock on-site with tech. People would come into the store to experience the product firsthand. They could then order it online straight from the store.

If it seems like we’re reverting to old habits, it’s because we are. Online shopping is not the novelty it once was. And, frankly, many of us have been burned too many times by sellers online. Having the storefront allows shoppers to examine and feel what they’re getting.

Having the item in front of you makes it easier to assess the quality. It saves you being disappointed and having the hassle of returning an online purchase.

It also allows the retailer the opportunity to attract attention with an outstanding display.

Final Notes

Overall, it appears that the digital lifestyle is wearing a little thin for most people. We want to get out and about. We want experiences. Those centres that fail to respond will end up as ghost towns.