Since we live in a world of advertising, it is technically a world of our making. We also live in a world that widely accepts advertising in all forms, whether we realize it or not.

As a business owner or retailer, it’s very important to know why advertising is extremely important to your business’s success, and what it does. As people, we assume the purpose of an advertisement is to inform us about the properties of a business or product, such as a particular body soap leaving fewer streaks than the other soap brand. While we naturally assume that’s all that advertising does, we are way underestimating the power of marketing.

Marketing, It’ll Give You All the Feels

Advertising does not only help you choose which product or brand you want to purchase, but it will also make you feel differently toward other brands, ultimately transferring our feelings. This is called affective conditioning. Affective conditioning is pairing a bad brand name with a lot of positive brand names to change the feelings towards the brand. With that said, the most powerful type of advertising is to create positive feelings about a product or brand by surrounding it with other things an audience likes.

Knowing this, a business simply cannot survive without advertising, especially in a society that uses advertising for everything and depends on it for all levels of communication and media.

The Effect of Advertising on the Brain

As said earlier, advertising is vitally important for a business’s survival. However, it’s quite interesting to learn what advertising does to your brain to better understand why you’re investing so much into one thing.

As we are all exposed to a large cacophony of advertisements every day, it will eventually have an impact on our brain and behaviour. The purpose of advertising is to influence how we think and what we think. While some ads highlight specific product features, some ads seem unrelated to the product and are just there to sell. Research from the University of California has shown that the brain regions that are involved with decision-making and emotional processing experience significantly high activity levels when we watch logical persuasion ads. 

How Marketers Target Your Senses

It’s obvious that advertisers try to get their audience to buy stuff by bombarding images and advertisements of good-looking people, sleek cars, attractive locations, pleasant sounds, and more to portray an optimum feel of the product or brand. This key concept is called embodied cognition, which is when all our senses assist with driving our behaviour. Basically, everything advertisers are putting out there is supposed to affect our actions and/or how we perceive their brand or product.

Capture Your Audience with Professionalism

At the root of any marketing campaign is a sense of unparalleled professionalism and ethics. Considering the impact that advertising has on your customer’s brain, establishing your brand’s presence in a meaningful way is essential to capturing customers and propelling your business forward.

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