Welcome back to the second of a four-part series entitled “What makes Brant InStore unique”. Last week we touched on what we feel is the strongest part of our machine here at Brant In Store—the People. The employees make the difference and separate us from the rest.

In today’s Blog, we are going to just touch on the total flexibility of our In-house capabilities and the dynamic range of printing, finishing and custom design services we have within our walls. The reason we can only touch on this is because there are too many pieces of equipment and capabilities to list. We are dedicated to exceed our clients’ needs every time. We can only do this by listening to them and learning what they want and need. Most of Brant InStore’s decisions to add a machine or a new service comes from what our valued clients tell us. They speak and we respond.

At Brant InStore, no job is too small. We take each one with the respect and care it deserves. We do not take lightly the choice our customers have made to use us as a supplier and partner. In our scope of clients, we have everything from “Mom and Pop shops” that might only need five or six signs all the way to print in-store sign programs for many of the leading retailers with a chain of sixteen hundred stores. You can see our work every day in the most recognizable stores in malls all across North America. We’re one of the few companies in North America that can service these really large retailers in the US and Canada. It is a fast paced market; decisions are made quickly, they need their products quickly and we’re able to do that for them. One of the reasons we can do that is because of our in-house capabilities. We have, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF (actually two), what would normally take 4-5 different companies to handle for a client.

Our in-house departments include:


Here is an overview of our divisions. We think it is always best to come and take a tour to see for yourself what we mean.


Screen printing is the foundation that Brant was built on. We have kept it running and it still remains a large part of our current operation.

Our screen printing department houses four (4) M & R 5 colour presses ranging in size from 65” x 109” to 54” x 120”. Having four large-format screen presses ensures that we can be successful in meeting your turn times where other providers fail because we have more flexibility to ensure your job gets done on-time and looking great!


In our Digital Department, we have:
• 2 Inca onset S40′s
• 2 Inca Turbos
• Each Inca Turbo can print sizes up to 63″ x 126″
• 4 Digital roll-to-roll presses
• Each roll-to-roll press can print sizes up to 180″ (15′) wide by any length.

With this type of capacity and State-of-the-Art equipment, it’s no wonder we can meet the most demanding of turn times!


In our Litho Department, to make sure our clients have options, we have three different size formats to better serve their needs.
Large-Format Litho Department
3 Harris Lithotronic 80″ format litho presses; including 5-colour, 6-color and 7-color presses
We can print sizes up to: 55″ x 80″

Medium Format Litho Department
1 Komori Lithrone 6-color UV litho press
We can print sizes up to: 28″ x 40″

Small Format Litho Department
1 KBA Genius Waterless UV litho press
We can print sizes up to: 14″ x 20″


As a complement to our dynamic range of printing departments, we have a 150,000 square foot finishing and packaging facility.
As we grew, we listened to our clients and saw the need for die-cutting and finishing in-house. There are guillotining, laminating, mounting, sewing, kitting and collating machines as well as three different types of die-cutting.

Box making division
We created a box making division in-house so customers don’t have to wait for us to get boxes from outsourced suppliers. While our competition is waiting for boxes, we are already done and delivered. Not only does this allow us to deliver orders faster than our competition, but it creates endless possibilities that help our clients grow their business.

At Brant InStore, we have total control from when the job comes in the door to when it leaves the dock. With total redundancy in all areas of our core competencies, we have backup upon backup. Every type of large-Format printer available to a dedicated finishing facility of over 150,000 sq ft., we can be more competitive and reduce timelines because we do everything internally.

Learn more about us by calling 1-800-265-8480 or filling in our contact form. We would love to hear from you!


Be sure to check back for part 3 of “What Makes Brant InStore Unique”