WELCOME to the first of our Four Part Series titled “What Makes Brant InStore Unique”

When thinking about this question, the first thing that comes to mind is the obvious, it’s our people.

The employees make the difference. We are fortunate to have the best people in the industry, including employees that have been here for more than thirty-five years. In fact, more than 50% of our staff has been with us for ten years plus.Even though we have hundreds of people in two locations, we all know each other and work as a team with a common goal;  To lift any burden off of our client’s shoulders and make them feel confident that we have the project under control at all times.

Brant InStore has been a family run business for 5 decades and is managed today by brothers John Paul, Bob and Jim deBoer.
The Brothers as a management team work very well together. Each has their own unique traits that bring a different perspective and form of quality to the company.
Their passion is what drives their team. The deBoer brothers are there to pick up the phone when clients call and to review almost every job, no matter the size.
To see one of the deBoer brothers in the 150,000 sq. ft+ finishing centre or, early in the morning deep in the production area to ensure a job is being done right, is not uncommon. What each brother brings to BrantInStore may be unique but all they have the same goals and the same dedication.

At the end of the day it’s a true collaboration between the management team and the rest of the employees.
The combined experience and knowledge is what helps bring it all together. With over 50 years’ in business, there is rarely a situation that hasn’t been previously encountered. Brant InStore provides its clients with a complete End to End Solution. Having the ability to turn a customer program around in twenty-four hours or less with finished product is something BrantInStore is extremely proud of.
There is no solution from a printing perspective that we cannot handle. At Brant InStore, we are passionate about each job we do and we have people here that take pride in their work and ability.

At BrantInStore, what makes us unique is our people. The employees make all of  the difference.

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Be sure to check back for part 2 of  “What Makes Brant InStore Unique”