Why all the talk about boxes?

At Brant, we have our own box making division in-house.

While it doesn’t seem like much, The benefit of our own box making service is that we can customize every order to fit as needed and most of all, be in control of when and how the boxes are  made. This, in turn makes our customers in control.
There are cost saving measures including the elimination of trucking services involved with delivery or partial delivery of cartons.
Brant InStore works directly with the mill. This cuts out the middle man and gets us and in-turn, our clients very good pricing on what we call standard size flat sheets.
They are called standard to us as they now have become our regular order with the mill.

Again, what is special or difficult for others is just what we do!

So, in a nutshell… While others are waiting on boxes, we are busy shipping your order!

Another reason Brant InStore is the perfect choice!

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