In order to maintain a successful and strong business, you need to invest in promotional advertising. Brant InStore believes in making businesses as successful as they can be through professional and outstanding print advertising. While advertising is nothing new, new techniques are being developed every year. However, print advertising is still the go-to technique for optimum advertising. If you own a business, or if you are a retailer and you aren’t quite sure if investing in print marketing is important or not; well prepared to be enlightened. Below we have five reasons why print advertising works:

They have a Larger Impact on the Consumer

Let’s start off with a fun fact from the pros; Print ads have been said to likely stick with a reader rather than an online ad. Through a Penn State study, it was proven that print ads stuck with a consumer easier than the online ads. For example, a large sign you see on the road might stick in your head than an ad you scroll past on the web. Choosing quality sign companies and print advertisers will guarantee more attention. As a business man or retailer, you need to do what is best for your company, which is targeting and impacting your audiences on promoting your service or product to the best of you ability.

You Can Target Specific Audiences Better

The beauty of print advertising is you get to choose exactly where you want your ad placed. You will have the pleasure of targeting the right people, specific cities, and even incomes for your business. By figuring out who your audience is and targeting them directly you will attract the type of people who somehow need or desire your service or product. Unlike online advertising, print doesn’t cost extra to target specific audiences!

Having An Additional Form of Advertising is Beneficial

Today, many companies ditch the use of anything outside Internet marketing. They make the mistake of thinking online marketing is more affordable, easier, and is more likely to increase results. However, no matter what you might think works best, having both online and print advertising is actually the most effective. Print advertising is not dead, and doesn’t plan to die anytime soon, although viewing it that way may cause your business to be lacking on important customers! Two is always better than one.

People Who Don’t Use the Internet Actually Exist

Believe it or not, there are people who actually don’t use the Internet. Crazy, right? Not only are there people who don’t use the Internet at all, some people do use it but sparingly, so they aren’t caught up with the rest of the world. As a business owner, no one should be forgotten! You can’t afford to lose any potential customers.

It’s Tangible

When you hear the word ads, you can’t help but think of those annoying pop-ups that take over your computer screen and give you a virus if you click on it. Especially those completely inappropriate advertisements, we know that happens to everyone! The latter of which is a complete uncontrollable thing, you don’t choose to have that ad pop up, and we get it. However, print advertising cannot in any way do what online ads can do, plus, people don’t see print ads as scams like they do Internet ads. Print advertising has a long and trustworthy reputation, and nothing will ever be an uncalled-for surprise!

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